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During the 2015 Canadian election, Mr Trudeau said his predecessor, former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, "turned Ottawa into a partisan swamp" during his near decade in power. Mr Trudeau promised to put an end to partisanship and patronage in Ottawa, to usher in a more transparent and receptive government, and to make question period respectful again. The two have faced critics who say those promises were quick to fall by the wayside . Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Donald Trump said he would 'Make America great Again' 4. They harkened to the past in their pitch to voters. The two politicians pressed some very powerful nostalgia buttons as they campaigned to lead their countries. Mr Trump's inescapable campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again", borrowed from former US president Ronald Reagan's 1980 race, looked back to a time when voters felt there was more prosperity and opportunity in the United States and when their nation garnered respect on the world stage. Mr Trudeau was more subtle, though his campaign was woven through with a thread of nostalgia, from a promise to recommit troops to overseas peacekeeping efforts to a foreign policy return to when Canadians thought the world saw the country as its good neighbour. After winning the election, Mr Trudeau and his MPs made "Canada is back" one of their favourite catchphrases.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Two traveller women pictured shopping in Tesco wearing their pyjamas have branded the man who shamed them online "sexist and racist". The pair caused a stir after a fellow customer complained about their attire to Tesco branding it "bloody disgusting". An image posted on the supermarkets Facebook page shows the ladies strolling down one of the snack aisles wearing dressing gowns and pyjamas. Customer Chris Cooke snapped the women on his phone at the outlet in Salford, Greater Manchester at around 7pm on Tuesday January 3. He then sent the picture to Tesco, asking them to ban people from wearing their nightwear, saying it has becoming a regular occurence. Read More Is it ever OK to go out in public in your PJs? Or is it always a no no? We find out Tesco says there are no dress code for stores (Photo: Getty) Mr Cooke posted on the Facebook page: "Dear Tesco, please can you put a rule in place that people like this will not be served in your stores. Its bloody disgusting. "This was at 7pm last night at your Tesco Salford store and I have seen other people dressed similar on a regular basis. "I mean who doesnt have the time to get changed into clothes to go shopping." One of the women, who are reportedly members of the traveller community, has broken her silence to hit back at the male critic who "internationally shamed" them.

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